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About Us

Solarventi has been selling its quality thermal energy products in Australia for many years to now, very happy & healthy customers. SolarVenti Ltd. (DK) is a small and efficient production and sales company in Denmark with 22 full-time employees. We have sold, projected, and developed solar heating products since 1981. We now cooperate with installation contractors, dealers and clean air suppliers in 24 countries. The installation of the power producing solar cell inside the solar collector panel was one of the stunning results of our product development and the underlying technique has now been patented in Europe, Peopleís Republic of China, Japan, and Australia. In 2006 SolarVenti Ltd. was graded as a Gazelle-Company. Initially, the SolarVenti became a great success with owners of summer and leisure cottages. The advantage of using the SolarVenti here is obvious because of the need to keep the house and furniture free of moist out-side of the season and the wish to be welcomed by a dry and pleasant-smelling house when the season starts. Both are fulfilled by the SolarVenti. On top of this the air based solar collector will add free heating to the house. The Solarventi has now developed into a professional range which is ideal for food drying, pre-drying and providing energy free heat solutions to large scale air conditioning systems. This product can be used for factories, hospitals, warehousing, kindergardens or schools. Solarventi

We still find the major part of our customers among the owners of summer and leisure cottages. But an increasing number of creative people now turn to us to add new functions to the SolarVenti in houses for year-round use, garages, museums, warehouses, ships, caravans, containers, etc.