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SolarVenti running costs and maintenence.

SolarVenti runs only on free solar energy. When the sun shines the fresh air in the solar panel it heated up, and a solar driven fan introduces huge amounts of fresh, dry air into your home. This air absorbs the humidity and replaces the stale, humid air. This system is 100% self-contained and carbon neutral. Economical, good for your health and good for the environment.

There are no connections to either water or mains electricity. SolarVenti operates safely and requires no maintenance, even if you leave you home standing empty, which makes ideal also for holiday homes.

SolarVenti NSW are registered distributors and installers of the SolarVenti solar powered warm air and dehumidification system in Australia

SolarVenti Warm Air System

  • Dehumidification
  • Good indoor climate
  • Extra source of heat

SolarVenti Solar air collector is suitable for holiday villas, family houses, log cabins, work-shops, garages, cellars, storerooms, boats, caravans, annexes, museums and much, more..

  • No running costs
  • No emmisions
  • Perfect for Solar 'off grid' installations
  • Easy to install

A solar air collector which sends free, dry and warm air into the building and is not connected to the main electricity supply.

The name of a series of patented solar panels which was introduced to the market in 2001.

SolarVenti have been in the business for 26 years and since 2002 we have installed more than 27,000 SolarVenti systems in 24 countries.