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How Solar Venti Works

Why SolarVenti Patent ?

Number of hours with sunshine?

SolarVenti's patented solar panels draw in fresh air through hundreds of small holes distributed over the whole of the rear plate. And they do it immediately - every single time the sun shines.

The special air circulation system in the panel provides optimal insulation against heat loss.

The fresh air injected by the system dehumidifies, ventilates and provides the home with additional heat.

If the system is switched off on hot days, the SV regulator unit can automatically send the 12 V from the solar cell to a well-placed, extra ventilator which then cools the home.

And if SolarVentiís earth-cooling accessories are added to this cooling system, the user will achieve dehumidification, ventilation and an additional source of heat coupled with an effective air-conditioning system which runs with no operating costs.

Between 2002 and 2007 we gained 20,000 new, satisfied users of our tried and tested, patented product from all over the world. Our SV solar air collectors remain on the wall or roof year after year - after year. And there are no operating or maintenance costs.

SolarVenti Warm Air System

  • Dehumidification
  • Good indoor climate
  • Extra source of heat

SolarVenti Solar air collector is suitable for holiday houses, family houses, work-shops, garages, cellars, storerooms, boats, caravans, annexes, museums and much, more..

  • No running costs
  • No emmisions
  • Perfect for Solar 'off grid' installations
  • Easy to install