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"Im very satisfied with my SolarVenti. The system meets my highest expectations. The indoor climate of my house is quite different now no damp and no stale smell everything is just fresh."

"Thanks also for the very tidy installation and for doing exactly what you said you would exactly when you said you would." Joe -Sydney.

Solar Powered Fan Heats Home and gives Ventilation

Warm air forever! From the first phone call to the final installation of my SV30, it's been a professional service all the way. The product itself is high quality and built to last. Streamline installation, with that extra care that just seems to be a standard practice. The clean fresh warm air into this icebox of a house is a welcome relief so no more stale air. It's a great decision we made to install from Solair, the SV30"
"I can report there is a marked improvement to the temperature, especially over night. The temperature took a while to improve after the install of the new panel. I think this was due to the house being very damp. The humidity has dropped over the last couple of weeks. Whilst the unit was out of action, the humidity was a constant 80%-90% range. Also, the temperature dropped overnight to a couple above outsides. Temperature was the same, no marked increase and was always warmer outside than in. The one marked improvement I noted, the temperature stays constant over night!! Which is great. Whilst the temperature outside can drop to 15 degrees, the inside temperature at the start of the evening is around 22 degrees and only goes down to around 20.8 degrees at 2am-4am. It appears to be reasonably constant as I have been monitoring for some time now."
Karl Cotter, Hornsby Heights, NSW.

Solar Powered Fan Blows Hot Air

"Yes, the hot air just blows in when the sun shines! Fantastic. Bring on the winter sun! Best moment - when my husband felt the warm air blowing into the house and said "this is
n't costing us anything in electricity, right?" More sunny days, please!"
Bronwyn David, Sydney, NSW.