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SV14 Black Slimline with roof kit and SV regulator unit

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Dimensions, SV model: 1974 x 704 x 55 mm
Dimensions, box with SV: 2117 x 740 x 150 mm
Dimensions, box with roof kit: 790 x 260 x 220 mm
Weight SV:14 kg - Incl. packaging 19,3 kg
Weight: Roof kit 5.1 kg
Frame: Aluminum (6000 series)
Color: Eloxated Black
Finishing coat: UV protective Lexan (insulating)
Absorber: Special felt (black)
Air outlet: 125 mm diameter
Rear: Perforated aluminum plate

Solar cell(s):
Dimensions: 920 x 310 x 9 mm
Voltage: 12 Volts
Output: 12 Watts

Manufacturer: Sunon
Model: KDE1208PTB1 - 6A
Consumption: 3.7 W
Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm
Capacity: 170 m3/hour
Output: 60 110 m3/hour (*)
* Up to 30% more m3/hour of air by full sunshine

Type: SV regulator unit for operation of solar cell - with on/off switch, regulator, pump control and thermostat
Material: Alu eloxated Nature/Black plastic

Other details:
Temp. increase: Typically approx. 25-30 degrees centigrade.
Higher temp. increase by use off less air (m3/hour).
Recommended for: Normal use minimum 70 m2.
Air quantities (m3/hour) regulated on thermostat or nozzle.